Sustainable Sewing Workshop

Sustainable Sewing Workshop

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Join our Sunday sustainable sewing session this Plastic Free July and get yourself equipped with your own handmade reusables, learn some new skills, & have a fun creative time!

We will be making a snackage package in this session and is a great opportunity to learn stop starts, pivots, corners, and top stitching. Don’t worry ~ it’s totally Beginner friendly! And fun for any advanced sewist too. This is a handy dandy Zero Waste cutlery kit to keep in your work drawer, glove box or handbag for instant picnic without the waste! 

The rest of the day the sewing room will be open for anyone to drop to make their own cloth reusable grocery bags or bulk bin bags, so you’re welcome to stay on and sew more if you wish 

Sunday 9th July 


Xtreme Zero Waste in the Whare Ako / Education Room

This session is perfect for beginners or those wanting a refresher. Maybe you've never had the opportunity to sit down at a machine, or you have fearful flashbacks from Tech at school, I am here to welcome you aboard and get you acquainted with the fun and the usefulness of sewing skills that help us live with less waste.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a sewing machine if you have one. Please get in touch if you don't we can borrow some from the Tool Library. Fav fabrics if you have some but fabrics will be available to choose from. 

Fabrics, threads, iron, and refreshments provided. 

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